My Philosophy
ne day completely by chance I found several documentaries that got me thinking about what we eat and buy, and the impact this has on animals, the environment and our health. With these three topics in mind and my typical curiosity, I’ve started doing some research to learn more about this new fascinating world.

I quickly noticed that this started to raise a lot of queries around me and I was shocked by the lack of information (and a bit of fanaticism!) there was around these subjects. I believe you don’t have to go 100% vegan or vegetarian to discover new tastes and learn new ways of cooking. I strongly believe that each of us can do what we believe is best and works for us: perfect is the enemy of good.

I’ve created this site to share tips and vegan recipes I’ve learned which I prepare daily at home without being a professional cook. I’m also not a doctor nor a nutritionist – I strongly recommend you see one if you plan to change your diet. Any diet (omnivore or vegetarian) needs to be well planned to be healthy.

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