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Hola! I’m Euge. A curious lawyer living in Madrid, after 4 unforgettable years in London and a “whole life” in Buenos Aires. I don’t eat meat but my heart will always be 100% porteño.

I went vegetarian in August 2016, and I eat mostly vegan now. I’ve seen a couple of vegetarian nutritionists, watched probably all the documentaries out there, and read a lot -a lot like lawyer level- of books about veganism and vegan cooking.

I’ve tried (and failed!) many times cooking vegan dishes, and some years ago I didn’t know what nutritional yeast was either. This is why I’ve decided to share the plant-based recipes and tips I’ve learned over these years. If I managed to do that dish, so can you.

I promise you don’t need to go 100% vegan to incorporate plant-based meals into your diet; just like you don’t need to be a personal trainer or a model to take care of your body.

As I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, please reach out to a professional if you have queries about your diet!


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