One of the main fears of beginning to eat vegan is to think of aaaaaaaaall the food that you love and will be missing.


Luckily we live in 2019 and veganism grew dramatically. In consequence, its demand also grew exponentially, and this made the food and restaurants industries to start thinking on providing vegan alternatives. Good news is this demand is only on the rise!

Let’s focus on the obvious – what about meat?

You;ll be surprised to discover you can actually buy seitan steaks, vegan mince or even a full vegan Sunday roast. But I had a much simpler worry: burgers.

To start with, there are a million vegan burger recipes out there that make options seem endless. The key is – as I always say -, to open up your mind and dare to try new flavours. Maybe the textured soy burger becomes your new go to burger!

And if we are discussing burgers, I HAVE to recommend the  beyond burger, the closest to a meat burger I’ve tried without killing any animals, with no colesterol and even with more protein!

If they don’t sell Beyond burger in your country, that doesn’t mean you don’t get to try delicious plant-based meat.

In Australia for example, mock meat shops are on the rise. Not to mention all the vegan sausages, ham and poultry that UK supermarkets are now selling!

But how can you don’t eat pizza!

Of course I eat pizza – and it can have vegan cheese! Or even no cheese at all, which sometimes we add to absolutely every dish without thinking twice if we need it there in the first place.

Vegan pizza is high on demand in the UK. If you like to make your own at home (like me!), try to experiment with vegan pizza cheese recipes. This one is a good starting point.

Next time you are in the supermarket, start paying attention to the labels of what you buy. In principle, there is a worldwide recognized symbol called V-Label that distinguishes if a product is vegan. then you can check if egg, dairy or its derivatives are included in the product’s ingredients.

However, the truth is many foods that don’t show an official symbol are actually vegan, simply because their ingredients are. For instance, did you know oreos are vegan? There are many surprises like these. Just dig in, read the labels, google the product when in doubt and surprise yourself!

Many brands try not to use the same terms as the typical non-vegan version so they can differentiate them. Others, push for the exact opposite – some supermarkets even sell vegan products among the meat section.

As you can see possibilities are endless, and nowadays almost every dish you can think of has a plant-based alternative. Actually, there are vegan fish and chips in London, a fully plant-based barbecue resto in Argentina, and even vegan tapas in Madrid, that include vegan calamari on their menu!

Stay tuned with my Instagram, as I’m always publishing new vegan findings around the world.

Is there any other food you would like to veganise? Let me know and I’ll try to share a recipe on this blog!


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